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Here are some websites that you might find helpful as parents as you navigate the changing landscape of adolescent behavior:

Snapchat, sports injuries, and vaping…are leading to a rise in teenage and young adult accidental fatalities.
A public webinar hosted by Jesuit Sacramento, Bellarmine College Prep, and Jesuit Portland
CLICK HERE for webinar link.

Social Media apps explanation: CLICK HERE

Parenting in digital age: CLICK HERE

Digital Citizenship: CLICK HERE

Digital and Media Literacy: CLICK HERE

Dyslexia Awareness Resources

Resources to Support Students With Dyslexia

Support Students with Dyslexia

Supporting Healthy Teen Relationships: January 2022
Social Media Video
Things Men Hear in a Lifetime
Things Women Hear in a Lifetime
“Be a Man” New Ideas
Healthy Masculinity
How The Media You Consume Can Change You
Healthy Relationships and Preventing Violence: www.loveisrespect.org, www.thatsnotcool.org
Resource for Creating the Conversations
Oregon Youthline

Anxiety Resources:
Understanding Anxiety
Parenting Strategies
Fighting Fear with Kevin Ashworth

Vaping Trends:
Vaping Information
Toolkit, help, prevention
Vaping Soared in 2018

Angst Documentary Resource links: November 2020