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If you have a question, let us know. Please call 503.235.3138 or email

The Student Handbook provides information about the Central Catholic dress code. CLICK HERE to view the handbook.

Due to varying course requirements, we recommend that you have the following supplies: 

  • Spiral Notebooks 
  • Pencils 
  • Eraser 
  • Pens 
  • 2 Pocket Folders 
  • TI-84 Calculator or equivalent
  • Backpack

CLICK HERE for the basic at-home art materials list for Art I–IV and AP courses.

You may also check the course syllabus for more details.

Students may bring laptops to class. In most cases, they will not be accessible during testing. Students should secure laptops in their lockers when not in use.

There is no requirement for parents/guardians to volunteer at Central Catholic, but if you do, you will become part of the spirit of Central Catholic, and share in the intrinsic rewards. Say yes and be a part of the amazing Ram community!

CLICK HERE to learn more and to see a list of volunteer opportunities.

Student Life Period will typically place on a Friday. There will be about two Student Life Periods a month. On these days, Campus Ministry, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Christian Service, and Student Activities will have a variety of offerings that you may attend. These will change weekly and will be updated on the Utility Homepage. Offerings can range from reflection groups to club meetings or even grade-level meetings. If you have more questions, please email

In the event of an emergency, the Emergency Response Team will send out information through the media via FlashNews, send a text to your approved cell phone number, and post on the school’s website.

Ram Dress
Central Catholic strives to provide robust opportunities in an inclusive and supportive community. We are determined to design special dress opportunities that are equitable to all shapes, sizes, and socio-economic backgrounds. Assemblies and liturgies are an opportunity for Central Catholic to celebrate our community and show pride in our school.

Ram Dress is required at all school liturgies, student recognition assemblies, Rose Festival assemblies, senior awards, all school conference days, and when we have guest speakers. Ram Dress is defined as the Central Catholic polo provided by the school to be worn with pants with pockets and zippers. No blue denim.

Parents/students manage their carpool situation. A student directory is available in the fall on the Canvas Utility Page in PDF form. Parents and students can identify other families who live in the same area and contact them to make carpool arrangements. Please note that we compile a list to share with all participants but we can't arrange matches for you. A quick google search for Portland/Metro zip codes can be helpful to show you who is a neighbor! Click here for the sign-up form. 

A current Carpool List is located on Canvas in RAM Central Utility Class Page. 

Teachers share the course syllabus with their students at the beginning of the semester. Our teachers are also accessible by e-mail and through Canvas.

Students4Students is one of Central Catholic's important annual fundraisers. Every year, students raise money to help cover tuition costs of the 50% of students who receive financial assistance. CLICK HERE to read more about students4students.

Central Catholic is required to share our immunization and exemption rates for each vaccine required for school attendance. CLICK HERE to see how many students at our school are vaccinated and CLICK HERE for Multnomah County records.

HAGA CLIC AQUI para ver las tarifas de inmunización y exempción de Central Catholic.


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