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Campus Ministry at Central Catholic is the aspect of Student Life that facilitates our most visible and communal experiences of faith formation: daily prayers; Masses and Liturgies; retreats; and other opportunities for prayer, reflection, and worship. Every member of our community participates in and contributes to Campus Ministry. Our ministry integrates into all aspects of the Central Catholic community, bringing together people of all faiths and religious backgrounds to develop our young people into people of faith, conscience, and justice.

Campus Ministry Team

Lizzie Petticrew
Director of Campus Ministry
503.235.3138, ext. 1276

Father Aaron Stettler

Daniel Rodriguez
Assistant to the Directors of Campus Ministry and Christian Service
503.235.3138, ext. 1148


Liturgical Ministry

Liturgy comes from the Greek word leitourgia, meaning "the work of the people," and it is the work of the students, faculty, staff, and members of the community that make liturgies at Central Catholic celebratory, faith-filled, and meaningful.
Leadership opportunities include:

  • Altar Serve

  • Eucharistic Minister

  • Lector

  • Liturgy Planning Team

  • Music Ministry

  • Sacristan

Retreat Program 

The Campus Ministry Retreat Program strives to help students develop an awareness and acceptance of self and an openness to others and to God’s call.

Our retreat program extends over four years:

  • One-day, required class retreats for Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior students

  • Two-day, optional Search Retreats for Juniors and Seniors

  • One-day-and-night, optional retreat for Seniors in the Spring

We rely on a diverse team of faculty, staff, and student-leaders to plan and facilitate our retreats. Please contact us if you are interested in sharing your gifts in this way!

Prayer, Sacrament, & Daily Mass

We offer daily Mass in our chapel, including Affinity-group, devotional, and votive Masses. Our Chaplin offers Reconciliation weekly, with additional opportunities in the Church seasons of Advent and Lent. (In keeping with the Church’s recommendation to receive the sacrament of Confirmation through one’s parish, young people interested in being Confirmed should contact their parish’s youth ministry.)

Our team facilitates prayer at the start of every school day, and every teacher includes a moment of prayer or mindfulness at the start of every class period. 
With abundant opportunities for mindfulness, worship, and prayer, we hope to bring about an ever increasingly faithful and just community on our Central Catholic campus.