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College Planning

Seniors received their Jostens packet during their class meeting. Jostens is the required supplier for graduation cap, gown and tassels.

You have already paid for the cap, gown and tassel in your senior fee. However, even if you aren't purchasing anything extra from Jostens, you need to return the white “2022 Graduation Order Form” supplied from Jostens with the 'Basic Unit' checked and the student's height and weight for proper sizing. You only need to fill out the Orange “All in One”, the “Class Band,” and the ‘Class Jewelry” form if you want to purchase those items. In addition, EVERYONE needs to fill out the “Diploma Information” half sheet to ensure their name is correct on the diploma. Please note that the diploma is a legal document and should include the student’s legal name and not their nickname or preferred name.

Steps for completing the white “2022 Graduation Order Form”:

1. Complete the top portion with student / parent / school information

2. If you choose to purchase an optional announcement package, fill out part 2

3. Part 3 - You must complete the height and weight section regardless of which option you choose. This is required for all students to ensure the proper fit.

1. You will notice many of the packages list a "Status Tassel” or a “Stacked Tassel" option - these are special tassels that are an additional $16 charge.

2. If you just want what is covered with your Senior Fee, then the 'Basic Unit' should be checked that all you need is the cap/gown/regular tassel. Please fill out the height and weight too!

4. Section 4 is where you can order individual items, eg: thank you cards, t-shirt, etc.

5. Total your order. If all you are ordering is the 'Basic Unit' you DO NOT pay shipping.


Orders will be picked up on Tuesday, October 5th.

Time: During Lunch
Place: Weston Commons

Payment Choices if ordering additional items:

  • Pay $80.00 down payment
  • Pay in Full
  • Order now and pay in the spring of 2022
  • Checks payable to Jostens, cash, money orders or all major credit cards accepted
  • Failure to turn in your size verification order form for cap and gown will result in a $25 late fee charge payable to Jostens

***For more detailed information on upcoming dates and deadlines please refer to the Parents of Seniors Page.

Hello parents of the Class of 2022!

Baby ads for the yearbook are here! Please follow the directions below on how to purchase and design your ad.

Ads are $65 for a 1/4 page. You will design the ad yourself using a provided template on the following website. There are a few templates to choose from, so if you would like, you can include a senior portrait on the ad alongside a baby picture. Senior portraits are NOT used for the senior class photos. The baby ad is the ONLY place in the yearbook where your student's senior portrait will be included.

Baby ads are due by January 10, 2022.

1) CLICK HERE and type "Central Catholic" into the search bar. Choose Central Catholic in Portland, OR.
2) Click 2021-2022
3) Click "get started" under Create a Personal Ad and follow the directions on the page.
4) Please proofread your ad. We can not fix any typos, as the site will send us exactly what you have created. If you do not choose a background color for your ad, it will have a white background in the yearbook.

TIPS: Complete this process on a laptop or desktop computer, not a phone or tablet. Chrome and Firefox seem to work best. Please contact Jasmine Bush at jbush@centralcatholichigh.org if you need help or if you have any questions.


This year, the Class of 2022 will receive one yard sign. The deadline to order an additional yard sign is April 25, 2022.

Order Senior Yard Sign

Please email Michelle Ferroggiaro with questions.


The senior all night party is hosted by parents of graduating seniors and the parent association of Central Catholic.

The location and event of the senior all night party are traditionally meant to be a secret for the graduate.

SANP will be held immediately following the graduation ceremony. Chartered buses will be waiting to take the graduates to the event from the graduation site. Due to the nature of the party, all night, graduates will not be allowed to drive themselves home from the event. A licensed driver must pick the graduate up the following morning at 3:30 AM when the party ends.

The registration fee is $125 per student. We want all graduates to attend and scholarships are available. If you need a scholarship, please contact Lupe Tellez in the business office at 503.235.3138 extension 1257 before you complete this form. If you have any questions please contact parentassociation@centralcatholichigh.org

Registration will open in January 2022.

Requirements for Participation

Participation in end-of-the-year graduation activities is contingent on several important factors:

  1. Successful completion of all required classes for graduation and Christian service requirement.

  2. Continuing respect for and cooperation with school regulations that apply to all students through graduation.

  3. Payment of all tuition and fees owed to the school and all borrowed technology returned