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Power of Change Links and FAQs

Abbott 5th Period Politics
Baker 5th Period English III
Bentz 5th Period Statistics
Bowman 5th Period Honors Pre-Calculus
Burns 5th Period American Sign Language I
Chipps 5th Period Biology
Craig Pyne 5th Period Introduction to Computer Science
Danek 5th Period Language Academic Support
Dankenbring 5th Period AP Spanish Literature
Dash 5th Period Study Hall
Delos Reyes 5th Period Spanish II
Dickerson 5th Period Lifetime Fitness
Dillard 5th Period Wellness
Dooney 5th Period Theology I
Esene 5th Period Wellness
Ferguson 5th Period Spanish III
Frank 5th Period AP Biology
Gran 5th Period AP US History
Guthrie 5th Period US History
Guzman Renfro 5th Period Spanish Heritage Speakers & Immersion I & II
Heater 5th Period Speech
Hemming 5th Period Algebra II
Holmes 5th Period World History II
Jaffe 5th Period Ceramics II
Kraus 5th Period PE II-COED
Lafaye 5th Period Art II
Lester 5th Period Theology II
Lorentz 5th Period English II
McMonagle 5th Period Theology III
Nguyen Monsters of the Midway
Patla 5th Period AP Physics
Pelster 5th Period Digital Photography II
Pinder 5th Period Peer Mentor
Quigley 5th Period Honors English I: Literature
Smith 5th Period Algebra II
Stauffer 5th Period AP Psychology
Steve Pyne 5th Period Weight Training
Taylor 5th Period Honors English II
Tokoyoda 5th Period Japanese IV
Vaughan 5th Period Algebra 1
Wallenius 5th Period AP English IV
Ward 5th Period Theology 4A
Warner 5th Period Honors Physics

The Power of Change campaign is a Central Catholic fundraiser led by our student leaders. Funds raised from the Power of Change benefit the Central Catholic CommuniCare programs, St. Andre Bessette, and Doernbecher Children's Hospital. We are excited to announce that donations of $50 or less will be eligible for an INCREDIBLE $10 to $1 gift match by the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation, up to $30,000! All of the donations to the Power of Change are 100% tax-deductible. Each donor will receive a donation confirmation and tax receipt via email. 

Established in 1997, CommuniCare is a collaboration between high schools and nonprofit organizations that aims to provide opportunities for teens to learn about the needs of their community through grant making and promote a long-term understanding of the philanthropy ethic of volunteerism. By challenging students to engage in community service that is both rewarding and educational, the Central Catholic CommuniCare program aims to encourage students to become active adult citizens in their communities.

Monday, January 29, 2024, through midnight on Friday, February 9, 2024

This is our fifth year participating, and there are two Central Catholic CommuniCare teams that have worked since the start of the school year to develop mission statements and fundraising plans, review grant applications, and interview nonprofit organizations to learn about their needs and assess them as grant recipients. Upon completion of the Power of Change campaign, our CommuniCare teams will be able to award grants to the organizations that best meet the missions of each of the teams. In the Spring, we will be able to announce the recipients and they will receive their funds at a special Communicare ceremony. 

2024 Mission Statements

Central Catholic High School’s Gold Group is committed to serving those with disabilities in the Portland Metro area experiencing poverty. We will be using our funds to support organizations that provide employment opportunities, basic needs services, and affordable housing to those that live at the intersection of poverty and disability. Access to resources may be difficult due to the current financial crisis in Portland, and we want to see all members of our community thriving regardless of ability level.

Central Catholic High School’s Cardinal Group is deeply concerned about the quality of life of immigrants and refugees in the greater Portland Metro area. We will be using our funds to support organizations that offer immigrants and refugees access to services such as medical care, affordable housing and employment opportunities. We are looking to fund non profits that directly support and advocate for the well being of immigrants and refugees. We believe that everyone deserves to thrive in the State of Oregon.


We encourage gifts of $50 or below as all donations of $50 and below will be matched ($10 to $1, so for a $50 gift a $500 matching gift will be made) by the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation, up to $30,000! 

If you would like to make a larger donation, we encourage you to split those up among your household and make multiple smaller gifts.

The Power of Change generated almost $38,000 in 2023 for some amazing non-profit organizations in the Portland area. Central Catholic has had long standing relationships with St. Andre Bessette Parish and their community outreach programs and have supported the Kids Making Miracles program at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital since 1996. By supporting these partners and the new organizations we are introduced to through the CommuniCare program, our students learn about the needs of their community through grant making and promote a long-term understanding of the philanthropy ethic of volunteerism. 

And of course we have prizes!! The fifth period class who collectively raises the most amount of money will win lunch for their class from Shake Shack or Chipotle, and the winning teacher will have dinner provided for their household. 

Jasmine Bush, Director of the Presidential Character in Leadership Academy at or Theresa Nguyen, Director of Student Activities and Class Council at