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The Office of Equity and Community Engagement provides students the opportunity to honor and understand the diverse world in which we live, cultivating empathetic effective leaders and agents of change.

In order to ensure that all individuals have access to an education that is free of racism, bias, and other forms of bigotry, and to support the intellectual development and growth of students at Central Catholic High School, we pledge to:

  • Actively identify and challenge an individual or systemic act of racism and other forms of discrimination and bigotry within the school community, exposing such acts through positive communication.

  • Express strong declarations of solidarity with those who are in constructed margins or othered, to eradicate forms of racism, bias, and prejudice in spaces of teaching and learning.

  • Not only promote cultural diversity and expand linguistic knowledge, but explicitly push for anti-racism by creating ongoing learning for students, educators, and parents about countering racism and other forms of bigotry, bias, and prejudice.

  • Support the implementation, and enforcement of Central Catholic’s code of conduct and policies that provide sanctions against discrimination of racial, ethnic, physical, and mental disability, gender, sexual orientation, and religious and political affiliation in education.


The sole purpose is to create a safe and positive learning environment for all students and staff members, free from any form of micro-aggression, racism, or unconscious bias towards any group of people. We are all encouraged to think before we speak at Central Catholic HS

The Central Catholic Equity and Community Engagement program supports our school’s mission to create an inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist community.  Our Program is committed to building a community rooted in equity, liberation and engagement.   We are committed to creating and supporting community collaboration, courageous conversations and critical thinking. 

Central Catholic is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable community in which all individuals can participate and contribute to the collective life of our school.

Equity and Community Engagement Program provides students and faculty

  • Opportunities for collaboration and courageous conversations 

  • Provides exposure to different perspectives and social awareness.

  • Opportunities for collaboration, fellowship and relationship building with other schools and organizations outside of the Central Community

  • Helps students, faculty and staff learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives.

Affinity Spaces are spaces of support for a group of people that are specific in their understanding of their similar qualities, needs, ideas, experiences and interests.

  • Faculty Co-Liberator Affinity Spaces

    • This is a support group for faculty and staff who are interested in deepening their learning and growth in areas of race and identity.

    • BIPOC Co-Liberator Affinity Spaces

      • Faculty that identify as Multiracial, Black, Indigenous, East Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander,  Arab, Latino/Hispanic.

    • White Co-Liberator Affinity Spaces

      • People who identify as white.

  • BIPOC Affinity Alumni and Student Luncheons

    • This event gives current students and alumni the opportunity to gather for fellowship, connect, and share stories about CC. These Luncheons provide the opportunity for Alums to see all of the ways their impact, voice, and experiences are continuing to make a difference in our community.

  • Asian-Desi Pacific Islander Student Union (ADPISU)

  • Black Student Union (BSU)

  • Equality Alliance (EA)

  • Indigenous Student Union (ISU)

  • Latino Student Union (LSU)

  • Women's Coalition (WC)

  • Women In Sports (WIS)

  • Women of Color (WOC)

  • Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Parent Equity Coalition 

(All parents welcome)

PEC (Parent Equity Coalition), is a group of parents who are interested in helping and supporting our Central community through the lens of Equity and Liberation. This is a great way to build parent relationships, stay connected to discussions at school around social justice, and learning more about ourselves and others in the community we share. 

*Meets 1x a month.  Reach out to Melissa Lowery for more information.

Open Student Life/Courageous Conversations

Awareness Assembly

Club Fair

BIPOC Alumni Luncheons

DEI Summits/Conferences

Central State of Mind Human Dignity Summit


Melissa Lowery

Director of Equity and Community Engagement
Phone: 503.235.3138 ext. 1113