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Welcome to the Team

The spirit of the students4students fundraiser lives in each and every student who commits to participating. Through our students efforts, funds are raised annually for tuition assistance and special activities. If you are not sure about how to get started with your fundraising, we are here to help: 

First, make a list of potential sponsors

Think about your relatives, family, friends, and neighbors. 
When you ask them to sponsor you, ask them if the company they work for has a "matching funds" program.  Often times large companies match contributions their employees make to good causes. If they donate $30 and their company matches, you have now raised $60 in sponsorships towards your goal! Intel, Nike and ADP are just a few examples of local companies that have a matching funds program.

Prepare a sales pitch by knowing the facts

The money is used for tuition assistance and student activities. Indirectly, every student receives tuition assistance, including you! You may not realize that the actual cost to educate a student is about 25% more than the annual tuition individual students pay. Pledges from the student fundraiser help cover the balance. Without these funds every family would be paying 25% more a year in tuition.

Personalize the way you ask for donations

Before making your ask, think about what makes Central Catholic special to you. Think about your experience as a student and share those feelings in your presentation. When you are passionate about something, it energizes a potential donor to say yes!

Practice with friends and family

Before making your ask, p
ractice what you are going to say. Use one of your friends, a parent, or a sibling to practice. It really does help and will make you feel more confident.

Call, Write, or Email

People have different preferences when it comes to communicating, while some prefer to speak in person, other may be happy with a letter or an email. If you send a letter or an email and do not get a response, you can always follow up with a phone call to see if they received your request. If you are worried about what to say or write, look to these examples for inspiration: 

CLICK HERE for sample social media posts.
CLICK HERE for sample letter/email.
CLICK HERE for sample phone call.

Remember to say "Thank You"

Never take a donation of time or money for granted. Thank every person for their support - both those who make a donation or pledge and those who said no. Thank those who are unable to donate by letting them know you appreciate their time and consideration. It is common for a person to change their mind if they are treated thoughtfully and with respect. Please give each of your sponsors the thank you note/tax record that you received in your fundraiser envelope. 

Campaign Verification


If a prospective donor has questions about the campaign that you aren't comfortable answering, you may refer them to the our Advancement Coordinator, Alaina Hill, at ahill@centralcatholichigh.org or 503.230.1056 ext 1229