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Leadership and Governance

Many members of the Central Catholic community have contributed their gifts to the school as educators, administrators, and leaders. Since the founding of Central Catholic High School, it has been under the exemplary leadership of the following directors, presidents, and principals:

Board of Directors

A newly formed Central Catholic Board of Directors was appointed by Archbishop John Vlazny effective September 2008. This Board has strong ties to the Central Catholic community. The Board of Directors is dedicated to the school’s mission. The Board endeavors to provide an opportunity for all families who desire a Catholic education.
Bill Winter '58 - Board Chair

Bill Winter '58 - Board Chair

Silverton Hospital Network
Retired President

Molly Paustian - Vice Chair

Molly Paustian - Vice Chair '85

Windermere Real Estate
Real Estate Broker

Harry Hanna - Secretary

Harry Hanna - Secretary '93

Sentaur, Inc.

Colin McGinty

Colin McGinty

Central Catholic High School

Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman '68

Northwest Evaluation Association
Retired Chief Executive Officer

Fr. Jeff Eirvin

Fr. Jeff Eirvin

Archdioceses of Portland
Director of Vocations

Tim Fleishmann

Tim Fleishmann '79

Fleischmann Consulting - Interim CFO Services

Dave Gorretta

Dave Gorretta '87

Regional Audit Leader, Pacific Northwest

Therese Leineweber

Therese Leineweber

Leineweber Consulting
Software Consultant

Jonathan McGowan

Jonathan McGowan '92

801 West Capital Management
Managing Partner

Sarah Petrone

Sarah Petrone '94

Portland Trail Blazers
Senior Vice President of People and Culture

Connie Ozyjowski

Connie Ozyjowski

University of Portland
Associate Director, Donor Engagement

Ellen Ridgeway

Ellen Ridgeway

Port of Portland
Safety Program Administrator

Paul Scarlett

Paul Scarlett

Oregon Department of Transportation
Area Manager, East

Jo Willhite

Jo Willhite

Archdiocese of Portland
Chief Administrative Officer


Msgr. Frank J. Campbell 1970 – 1974 
Msgr. Timothy Murphy ’58                1995 – 2008
Mr. John Harrington ’66  2008 – 2015
Mr. Tony Leineweber '62 2015 – 2017
Mr. Colin McGinty 2017 – present


Msgr. Francis J. Schaefers                  1939 – 1949 
Msgr. Martin H. Thielen      1949 - 1950
Rev. Willis L. Whalen        1950 – 1961
Rev. Joseph J. Neuville      1961 – 1967
Msgr. Frank J. Campbell       1967 - 1970
Rev. Robert Krueger      1970 - 1973
Msgr. Frank J. Campbell    1973 - 1974
Msgr. Gregory Moys       1974 - 1978
Msgr. Arthur Dernbach    1978 - 1982
Mr. Timothy Edwards    1982 - 1990
Msgr. Timothy Murphy ’58               1990 - 1995
Mr. Ron Edwards 1995 - 2008
Sr. Maureen Kalsch 2008 - 2009
Mr. John Garrow ’76 2009 - 2019
Mrs. Danyelle Ramsey 2019 - present