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Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
All AP courses follow a college-level curriculum prescribed by the College Board. Since these courses move at an accelerated pace that is demanding and will require additional hours of study, Central Catholic recommends that students not take more than two AP courses at one time.  Advanced Placement classes culminate in a national exam given by the College Board. Scores on the exam may qualify students for college credit or advanced standing as determined by the colleges. All AP students are strongly encouraged to take the AP exam. There is an additional fee for each AP exam. Students will be awarded a greater weighting in their GPA based on the increased expectations of these courses.
What is the difference between an Honors/AP and a regular college prep class?
Honors/AP courses are accelerated classes for self-motivated students that teach a greater depth and breadth of material than is covered in the regular college prep classes. Enrichment topics are added. Standards in reading, writing, calculation, and critical thinking are higher. More independent learning takes place. Students should expect more homework in these courses and will be awarded a greater weighting in their GPA based on the increased expectations. What should I consider before choosing to forecast for an Honors AP class?
  • Do I have a high level of interest in this matter?
  • Do I want to explore this content in more depth?
  • Am I willing to engage more time, do more work, and strive to meet the higher standards?
  • Do I have the time to commit to this class and still meet my obligations to family, church, friends, activities, sports, and work?
  • Can I balance the stress this class may cause?
  • Is it OK if I don’t earn an “A” in this class?
  • What other honors/AP classes am I planning to take?
Qualities of an Honors/AP Student 
  • Is a self-starter
  • Is persistent in learning
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Has strong time-management skills
  • Is curious and investigates ideas at length
  • Offers insights and alternative explanations
  • Develops unique associations
  • Has the desire and ability to work at a higher level
  • Is able to work and learn independently
  • Pays close attention to detail
  • Works well with others to reach a goal
  • Accepts responsibility and is accountable for his/her own actions
  • Exhibits creativity

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