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Our goal is to maintain a high level of achievement for all students. We wish to recognize, acknowledge, and respond to our students' strengths, challenges, and learning abilities in order to help them be successful. Our services are designed to assist students with learning challenges to succeed within the general education curriculum with the least restrictive support.

For students with documented learning needs, our specialist will work with a team to create a plan to address the specific accommodations needed by the student to succeed in all courses. Support service classes such as Academic Support, Math Lab, and Language Arts Lab courses are specifically designed for students who need targeted support in those areas.


Students can obtain eligibility to receive support services in one of two ways:

  1. Students entering Central Catholic have been through an evaluation process and hold a current educational based diagnosis of a learning difference or disability and/or have a private school learning plan or public school IEP/504 that has been in place while in junior high. Students have current documentation, including testing within the last 3 years.

    Upon receiving the above described documentation, a Student Support Team learning specialist will review and evaluate submitted documentation. Following review, the parent will be contacted and a meeting will convene to draft a similar learning plan specific to Central Catholic. 
  2. Students are referred through the Student Intervention Team after a data collection period to undergo an evaluation for a learning difference or disability. Once parents provide school staff with an indication of a suspected learning difference or disability, our specialist will work with the family and a school-based team to evaluate eligibility and needs. 

Plans need to be evaluated once a year as a team to stay current at Central Catholic.


Assists students and teachers to support the success of each student with a learning plan.

Specific responsibilities of the Student Support Coordinator:

  • Case manage students with learning plans
  • ‚ÄčOrganize and facilitate staffing with students, parents, counselors and teaching staff
  • Develop and present Professional Development opportunities for classroom teachers to facilitate and support inclusion within the classroom setting
  • Coordinate enrollment and placement of students in Summer Program, and Lab support courses
  • Coordinate and manage After School Study Hall
  • Coordinate student testing center
  • Support admissions office including evaluation of applicants for Support Services
  • Serve as liaison to Archdiocese of Portland K-8 Learning Specialist Advisory Committee
  • Supervise instructional assistants
  • Serve as an active member of the Student Intervention Team that works to identify students with needs

How does a student start the process to gain access to a coordinator?

  • Request a meeting through the student's counselor and the Student Intervention Team

How often does a student meet with a coordinator?

  • Students can meet with the SSC or their case manager as often as needed
  • Both students and parents can request a meeting to discuss the learning plan at anytime throughout the school year
  • Parents and students convene a yearly meeting with designated staff members to review the learning plan heading into a new school year

Determine student’s needs, rate, level of performance, and provide appropriate accommodations.

How do the individual teachers receive the Individual Student Learning Support Plans (ILPs)?

We encourage strong self-advocacy for all of our students. Students will start the year by bringing each of their teachers a copy of their learning plan and having a conversation with how teachers can support them. They are supported in this delivery by their Student Support Coordinator.

Who reviews ILPs with teachers and how are ILPs tracked to ensure students and teachers are following it?

The student’s case manager reviews LP’s with teachers in order to ensure there is an understanding of the accommodations to be implemented in the classroom.

Math and Language Arts Labs as elective class options to provide support for math, literacy, and organization.

What is the format and level of 1:1 assistance?

  • Students on learning plans may be placed into either an English I support lab, a math support lab, or both during their freshman year
  • Following the freshman year, who qualify through their support plan can enroll in .5 credit academic support class.
  • The academic support class is a low student to teacher ratio, typically 6:1.
  • Academic support provides the opportunity for small group instruction based on learning plan needs.

Students who are being served through a Learning Plan are eligible to apply for accommodations on Standardized Tests.

Contact Support Services Coordinator, Bradleigh Cameron Miller at bcameronmiller@centralcatholichigh.org.