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A New Endowment Transforms Lives

The Candace Newland Holley Endowment will fund the education of students from St. Andrew Nativity School who want to attend Central Catholic High School.

UPDATE - December 21, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially reached our goal to establish the Candace Newland Holley Endowment, a $2.25 million endowment that will fund the education of students from St. Andrew Nativity School who want to attend Central Catholic High School.

This endowment was first announced and launched in May by past Central Catholic parents, Gina and Elliott Hill. They challenged our community to raise $750,000, which they would match dollar for dollar by December 31, 2022, creating a $1.5 million endowment supporting St. Andrew Nativity students coming to Central Catholic. Shortly after they issued this challenge, an anonymous donor issued an additional challenge that would add another $750,000, ultimately establishing a $2.25 million endowment.

This past month, on Friday, December 9, 2022, we secured the final gift to meet both matching gifts and officially establish the Candace Newland Holley Endowment.

We are beyond grateful to the Hills for their ambition, enthusiasm, and generosity—all of which has made this endowment possible. Through their efforts, this endowment will help transform the lives of countless students for years to come. And a special thank you to the anonymous donor for generously issuing this challenge to our community. Through the support of nearly 100 donors, we were able to reach this challenge in time, resulting in the establishment of this transformative endowment.

A special thank you to our generous donors who have helped to make this endowment possible:

Stefan Amling
John Atkinson
Matthew Ban
BDT & Company
Bradley Berman
Michael Best
Byron Biggs
Anne, Diogo, Antonio and Daniela Bolstez
Matthew Bolte
Jeff Bowden
Basil and Erica Bullard
Christine Carr
Jorge Casimiro
Brian Clare
Thomas Cody
Aaron Cooper
Cynthia Davis
DC International Group, Inc.
Andre Delaporte
Lisa DeNatale
Corey Denfeld
Trina Denson
McCallester Dowers
James Ellis
EWS Foundation/Ed and Donna Stack
William Farnum
James Ford
Barbara Frank
Robert Garnero
Viktorija Ginter
Stephen Gomez

Michele Gray
Jack Haddad
David Hapeman
Patrick '68 and Kelley Harrington
Joaquin Hidalgo
Elliott and Gina Hill
Todd Hodnett
Stuart Hogue
John Holley
John and Candace Newland Holley
Kristine Hoogs
Jeanne Jackson
Peter Kallen
Paul Kelly
Phil Knight
David Kottkamp
Salvatore LaRocca
Rob Longo
Jane Lyon
Maurice Maertens '60
Jesse McCollum
Jane McDonald
Natt '61 and Karen McDougall
Mitchell Menendez
Ken Mishler
Michael '80 and Susan Moran
Kerri Morisey
Monsignor Timothy Murphy '58
Ron Nelson
Robert Newland
Jeff Nichols
Steven Nichols

Jana Panfilio
Tom Perry '52
Roland Randall
Mary Remuzzi
Stanley and Leslie Renecker
Jim Reynolds
Anne Rohosy
Don V. Romanaggi
Patricia Ross
Paul Schafbuch
Darrell Schuh
Stephen Scott
Sheerin Family
Christiana Shi
David Siddons
Christopher Simone
Cathy Sparks
Eric Sprunk
Jeff Stuhr
The Paustian Family and JGP Wealth Management
Donald Thomas
Mark Turner
DJ van Hameren
Joe Van Haverbeke '58
Dennis Van Oossanen
Ann VandenBerge
Duane Wee
Michael Williams
Lawrence and Julia Wilson
Brian Wilson
William Winter '58
Roland Wolfram
Iris Yen


June 2022
We are big believers in the importance of quality education. We've focused many years of support on St. Andrew Nativity School and Central Catholic High School in Portland. We've seen firsthand how a rigorous education can unlock the potential in your people and have witnessed the extraordinary things they can accomplish...if given the chance. 

Because St. Andrew Nativity School and Central Catholic High School hold a special place in our hearts and we believe deeply in their missions, we are establishing a $1.5 million endowment. The endowment will provide financial support to exceptional young men and women from St. Andrew Nativity School who wish to continue their education at Central Catholic High School. Each year Central Catholic High School does a lot to provide financial support to St. Andrew students but there are always more students who want to attend than can afford it...we want to change that.  

We've named the endowment in honor of Gina's mom, Candace Newland Holley, who was a lifelong educator in Portland and a fierce advocate for children. She believes strongly in the power of education and is most deserving of the honor. To fund the endowment, we have offered a $750,000 matching gift with the goal of it being matched by December 31, 2022.

In May 2022, we learned of an anonymous donor who informed us of an additional $750,000 he would provide if the Central Catholic community met the $750,000 goal by the deadline. This means that the Candace Newland Holley Endowment will be a $2.25 million fund, supporting students from St. Andrew Nativity School who wish to attend Central Catholic. 

How can you help? 

  1. Make a donation. You can use this link: Donate to the Candace Newland Holley Endowment
  2. Spread the word. Ask others to give. Every donation counts towards the $750,000 match. 

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. Please help us change the lives of deserving young people!


Elliott and Gina


For questions about how to make a gift or how to make a gift of appreciated securities, feel free to contact Ellie Dir, VP of Advancement at Central Catholic High School. She can be reached by email at edir@centralcatholichigh.org or by phone at (503) 230-1056, ext. 1258.


Make A Donation

To donate to the Candace Newland Holley Endowment, click here.

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