NWEA MAP Browser Log-in and Testing

NWEA MAP Browser Log-in and Testing

Directions for NWEA MAP Browser Log-in and Testing

About the test

It is a computer-based test.

Questions can be multiple choice, drag-and-drop, fill in the blank, etc.

Each test has about 40-50 adaptive questions (Growth: Reading 6+ OR 2019 and Growth: Math 6+ CCSS 2010 V2)

Student(s) can sometimes take 45-90 minutes taking the test.

This is not a test where your student is going to know every answer, this test is constructed in a way that students should not know every answer - so please remind your child it is okay if they do not know the answer. 

It is not part of the student’s report card grade.

Getting the Browser 

Students should access the url: https://test.mapnwea.org/ through a Google Chrome Browser. You may also need to disable popup blocking.

When the system works correctly, you should see this:

If the system is not showing this screen, it is because popups are blocked. 

Students sign in and Confirmation:

First, the school will provide instructions for starting the online video meeting. Next, your student will log-in to the MAP Test using the following steps: 

1. Your student will log-in to the test using a Session Name and Session Password which the school will provide at the start of the test on test day -Once the Session Name and Session Password are typed in, your student will click the blue arrow 

2. A Sign-in Screen will appear, your student should use the drop-down list to locate and click on their name 

3. The Teacher will then confirm the student for testing 

4. Once the teacher confirms, your student will receive a ‘You Are Confirmed ‘ message and will click the blue arrow to begin the test

Ending the test

The test will say success! At the end of the test, please keep answering questions until the test shows this screen.

When your student has completed their test they can log off. The next test will be available on the next day. There are only two tests to take.