Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, let us know. Please call 503.235.3138 or email

Where can I find information about the dress code?

  • The Student Handbook provides information about the Central Catholic dress code. CLICK HERE to view the handbook.
Where can I find the bell schedule?

Where can I find information about the required school supplies for each class?

  • Due to varying course requirements, we do not have a specific school supply list, however these are our recommendations:
    Spiral Notebooks
    2 Pocket Folders
    T1-83 or T1-84 Calculator
    You may also check the course syllabus for more details.

Are students allowed to bring laptops to class?

  • Students may bring laptops to class. In most cases, they will not be accessible during testing. Students should secure laptops in their lockers when not in use.

As a parent, how can I get involved at Central Catholic?

  • Some possible options are to attend Parent Association Meetings or to volunteer in the library, Development Office, or for Co-curricular activities. CLICK HERE to see a list of volunteer opportunities.

How should my student dress on picture day?

  • Freshmen through Juniors should adhere to the regular dress code. Seniors must wear liturgy dress during the time that pictures are being taken, but can change back to regular clothes once pictures are over.

If there is an emergency during school hours (natural disaster or otherwise), how can I reach my student?

  • In the event of an emergency, the Emergency Response Team will send out information through the media via FlashNews, send a text to your approved cell phone number, and post on the school’s website.

What kind of calculator does my student need for their math class?

  • A chart showing the required calculator for each math class. CLICK HERE to download chart.

What should my student expect from a Catholic Mass?

  • Participation in a school Mass is an opportunity for students to experience God in their lives, regardless of their religious preference.
  • Freshmen are taken through a step-by-step guide to the Catholic Mass prior to the first all school mass in September.  Transfer students will receive detailed information in their religion classes regarding what to expect as well as expected behavior at Catholic Masses.
  • At all liturgical events, students are expected to behave in a respectful and reverential way.During communion, those students who chose not to receive will simply place their right hand over their heart to receive a blessing.

What should my child wear on liturgy days?

  • Expectations are outlined in the Student Handbook under the dress code section.
    CLICK HERE to view the Student Handbook.

Where can I find information about carpooling?

  • Parents/students manage their carpool situation.  A student directory is available in the fall. Parents and students can identify other families who live in the same area and contact them to make carpool arrangements. A list of families who would like to carpool is also available from the Admissions Office.

Where can I get the course syllabus for my students' class?

  • Teachers share the course syllabus with their students at the beginning of the semester. Our teachers are also accessible by e-mail and through Canvas.

What is students4students?

  • students4students is one of Central Catholic's important annual fundraisers. Every year, students raise money to help cover tuition costs of the 50% of students who receive financial assistance. CLICK HERE to read more about students4students.

Where can I find Central Catholic's immunization and exemption rates?
  • Central Catholic is required to share our immunization and exemption rates for each vaccine required for school attendance. CLICK HERE to see how many students at our school are vaccinated and CLICK HERE for Multnomah County records.