Student Support Services

Our goal is to maintain a high level of achievement while admitting students with learning challenges. We wish to recognize, acknowledge, and respond to our students’ strengths, challenges, and learning abilities in order to help them to be successful. Our services are designed to assist students with learning challenges to succeed within the regular curriculum with support, not a separate pull out program.

Our specialist will design a Learning Plan to address the specific accommodations needed by the student to succeed alongside peers in traditional courses. Also available are Math and Language Arts Lab courses specifically designed for students who need targeted support in those areas.

The following academic support is available:

  • Student Support Coordinator: Assists students and teachers to support the success of each student within the regular classroom situation.
  • Transition Support: Summer Scholars program offering students the opportunity to get a head start academically and socially as they transition to high school.
  • Curriculum Support: Math and Language Arts Labs as elective class options to provide support for math, literacy, and organization.
  • Study Hour: Structured academic support after school.
  • Learning Plans: Determine student’s needs, rate, level of performance, and provide appropriate accommodations.
  • Peer Tutor/Mentor Program
  • Standardized Testing: administered on an individual basis to diagnose specific learning needs.
  • Contact Student Support Services Coordinator Jon Jedrykowski at 503.235.3138 ext. 1275 or