Tuition and Fees

Central Catholic High School is a college preparatory school committed to educating students from diverse backgrounds in a Catholic community, challenging each individual to live as a Christian witness in service to others.

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Tuition Payment Options

$14,707 – Annual Tuition
a.    Payment methods available: check, cashier’s check, money order, cash, or loan from Your Tuition Solution.
b.    Single payment due July 20, 2018
c.     If paid before July 20, the $275 ASB Student Activity Fee will be waived

$18, 200 – Full Cost of Tuition
a.    By selecting this option, you choose to partner with Central Catholic by having $3,500 of your payment credited as a tax-deductible donation to cover the actual cost of education
b.    Payment methods available: check, cashier’s check, money order, or cash
c.     Single payment due July 20, 2018

$1,337 – Monthly Payments
a.     Payment method: Electronic Fund Transfer
b.    11 payments from July to May - debits will take place on the 20th of each month or next business day
c.     Debits will include the monthly balance of tuition and fees

Special Payment Arrangement
a.    All arrangements must be made through the Business Office
b.    Arrangements will incur a $10 monthly fee
Financial Aid Note:
·   Financial aid recipients will be enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan
·   Financial aid will reduce the amount of your monthly tuition payments

Fees and Due Dates

April 3, 2018
Annual Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Fee: Formalizes your enrollment with Central Catholic- $375

July 20, 2018
ASB Student Activity Fee: Student ID cards, yearbook, athletic event admissions, and other activities - $275
Senior Fee (Applicable to Seniors only): Covers graduation costs including ceremony, diploma, cap and gown - $160
Class and Book Rental Fees - There will be one charge in July that will cover all class and book fees for the year.
$390 – Senior            $365 – Junior               $310 – Sophomore                  $290 – Freshman 

January 2019
Students4Students Fundraising Requirement
·   Each student is expected to raise a minimum of $150 between mid-November and mid-January
·   If the minimum is not met, parents will be billed the difference on their March statement
·   Questions? Please contact the Development Office

Extra-Curricular Involvement Fees – See coach or club moderator for details


  • Admissions Office

    Paul O'Malley, Director of Admissions
    Phone: 503-230-1056, ext. 1112 
    Fax: 503-232-1936 | E-mail
  • Student Billing

    Lupe Tellez, Student Billing Specialist
    Phone: 503-688-1040
    Fax: 503-232-1936, E-mail