Yearbook Baby Ads

Yearbook Baby Ads

Hello, parents of the Class of 2018! Baby ads for the yearbook are here. Follow the directions below to purchase and design your ad. 


Ads are $65 for a quarter page. You will design the ad yourself using a provided template on the following website. There are a few templates to choose from on the site, so if you would like to include a senior portrait on the ad alongside a baby picture, you will be able to design the ad this way. Senior portraits are NOT used for the senior class photos; the baby ad is the only place in the yearbook where your student's senior portrait might be included.

1. CLICK HERE to go to Yearbook Forever and type "Central Catholic" into the search bar. Choose the Central Catholic in Portland, OR.

2. When our page opens, click on "Buy Personal Ad" and follow the directions on the site.

3. Please PROOFREAD your ad - we cannot fix any typos, as the site just sends us what you have created. If you do not choose a background color for your ad, it will have a white background in the yearbook.

TIPS: Complete this process on a laptop or desktop computer, NOT a phone or tablet. Chrome and Firefox seem to work best. Please contact me if you need help with the process or if you have any questions.

Thanks, Kate Molony