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Student Life Period

2021-2022 At-A-Glance Calendar

Student Life opportunities will take place either during Student Life Period on Gold Days or Wednesdays each week. There will be mandatory activities such as assemblies, Masses, Courageous Conversations, and other activities that will provide choices for student engagement and community-building. Some of these periods may also be reserved for specific activities by grade level. In addition, teachers will use Student Life Periods for work groups and study halls.

Important Definitions:

60/80 indicates the length of each Student Life period in minutes.
A.M./P.M. indicates when the Student Life period will take place, either in the morning or afternoon.
Please note: These dates and activities are subject to change, and this page will be updated to reflect any changes.
9/1/21        Grade Level Meetings (Four locations)(80) a.m.
Picture Day (Old Gym: 6 a.m. Setup) a.m.
2/1/21 Open Student Life (80) p.m.
9/8/21   Summer Reading Groups (Classrooms)(80) a.m. 2/2/21 Central State of Mind (All Day)
9/10/21 Back2Skool Welcome Back Assembly (80) a.m. 2/16/21 Courageous Conversations (60) p.m.
9/15/21 Open Student Life (60) p.m. 2/18/21 Assembly (80) a.m.
9/24/21 Holy Spirit Mass a.m. 2/23/21 Open Student Life (60) p.m.
9/29/21            Freshmen/Transfer S4S Meeting (60) p.m.
Courageous Conversation: Philanthropy (Sophomores/Juniors) p.m.
College/Financial Aid (Seniors) p.m.
3/2/21              Ash Wednesday Mass a.m.
10/1/21 Ramapalooza Club Fair (80) a.m. 3/9/21 Rose Festival Assembly (60) a.m.
Spring Drama Middle School Matinee (PAC) 10 a.m.
10/12/21 S4S Assembly (80) a.m. 3/9/21 Spring Drama Middle School Matinee (PAC) 10 a.m.
10/21/21 Wonderland Homecoming Assembly (80) a.m. 3/30/21 Courageous Conversations (60) p.m.
10/27/21 Courageous Conversations (60) p.m.
Picture Retakes (New Cafe) 4th
4/1/21 Open Student Life (80) p.m.
10/29/21 Christ the King Mass a.m. 4/12/21 Open Student Life (80) p.m.
11/3/21 Open Student Life (60) p.m. 4/14/21 Chris Herren Assembly (80) a.m.
11/9/21 Open Student Life (80) p.m. 4/20/21 Courageous Conversations (60) p.m.
11/17/21 Courageous Conversations (60) a.m.
Fall Drama Middle School Matinee (PAC) 10 a.m.
4/21/21 International Days (80) a.m.
11/19/21 Diversity Assembly (80) a.m. 4/27/21 Assembly (80) a.m.
11/23/21 Grandparent's Mass 9 a.m. Digital Learning Day 5/6/21 Open Student Life (80) p.m.
12/1/21 Open Student Life/Democracy In Action (60) a.m. 5/11/21 Courageous Conversations (60) p.m.
12/8/21 Immaculate Conception Mass a.m. 5/20/21 Student Rec Assembly (80) a.m.
12/10/21 Week of Giving Assembly (80) a.m. 5/25/21 Open Student Life (60) a.m.
12/15/21 Faculty/Staff Christmas Party (Early Dismissal) (60) p.m. 5/27/21 End of Year Mass a.m.
1/5/21 Courageous Conversations (60) p.m. 6/1/21 Grad Practice (9-11 Early Dismissal)
1/14/21 New Year Mass a.m. 6/3/21 Awards Assembly (9-11 Early Dismissal)