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Performing Arts Day

Saturday, November 19, 8:30am - 3:00pm

You are invited to come experience what it’s like to be a performing arts student at Central Catholic!

We’ve planned a fun day of activities and experiences in Music and Theater. In the morning you’ll attend three workshops of your choice and eat lunch with current CC students. In the afternoon you are invited to join us “backstage” to see how the crew and actors prepare for a performance, and then attend a special performance of our fall drama production, The Importance of Being Earnest.

(If students cannot attend the afternoon performance, we are happy to give them a ticket to a later show)

Performing Arts Day is FREE and open to 7th and 8th graders. Registration is open until workshop sessions are filled. 

You may choose any three workshops that interest you. Each workshop opportunity is designed to give you a first-hand experience from the classes offered in CC’s Music and Theater departments. You will create, play, and perform - no prior experience necessary - just the love of music or theater!

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Music Workshops  |  Theater Workshops


Music Workshops

Creating Hip hop and trap beats

Work in our computer music lab using Reason Studio’s digital audio software to create trap, hip-hop, or EDM beats. Learn about sequencing and looping and the elements of drum production. Come away with audio clips of your own beats! 

Playing in a Drumline

Need to be loud? Playing in the drumline isn’t just for percussionists. Experience playing on the Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Quad Toms, and Cymbals! Learn a few cadences as you practice technique and rehearse with members of our drumline. 

Learning Rock Guitar licks

How many rock guitar licks can you learn in 45 minutes? Come find out as we power through screaming electric guitar riffs. Bring your own guitar and plug into our wall of sound as you learn and play some of the most recognized hooks in metal and rock. 

Jazz Improvisation and the blues

Sit in with members of our Jazz Band as we play the blues. You’ll play a standard or two and everyone will learn the blues scale and get the opportunity to improvise with the group. Bring your instrument (all instruments are welcome)!

Instrument Petting Zoo

Do you play an instrument but want to experience what it’s like to play the more unique ones? We’ll have a selection of more advanced instruments that you’ll be able to learn about and try out (each instrument will be sanitized and cleaned between uses). Sousaphone, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, French horn, Marimba, and more!  

Finding your voice, Improving vocal tone and volume

Come sing with us! Your voice is your primary instrument - let’s learn how it works and what to do to sing effortlessly without damaging it. We will do breathing techniques and sing through exercises together to warm up our voices and learn strategies to develop your voice to increase projection and tone.


Theater Workshops

Behind the scenes: theater tech - props, costumes, lights, sound 

Are you interested in theater, but prefer to stay behind the scenes? This workshop is for you! Together, we’ll explore the technical aspects of theater—props, costumes, lights, and sound—and you’ll have a backstage pass to see the inner workings of the CC Drama Department.

Improv games

Improv, or improvisational comedy, is the art of exploring characters and making stuff up as you go along. In this workshop, we will play games and do exercises that train our minds to do just that. It will be a session full of games, laughter, and thinking on your feet!

Gory Stage Make-up

Halloween may be over this year, but gory makeup is an essential element of stage makeup. Come learn to create realistic cuts, burns, and wounds of every kind—and best of all, STAGE BLOOD! You’ll be all set for your next production, or at least next October!

Musical Theater Choreography

FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT! Join us for a jazz-based workshop filled with Broadway-style dancing and music. Explore the style of dance one would typically see on a Broadway stage, and learn some basic choreography to fun music. This form of dancing emphasizes performance skills such as connecting with the audience and facial expressions. No dance experience necessary!

Accent exploration

A good dialect/accent can make or break a performance! This workshop will cover how to approach any accent, practice it and stay believable throughout your performance. When a dialect is accurate and specific it can unlock impulses and illuminate qualities in your character. Come and join us! Pip pip, cheerio!

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