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“Central Catholic High School Diversity and Inclusion is striving to build relationships, support, and empower students from all backgrounds and lived experiences.”

At Central Catholic, our mission is to live out Catholic Social Teaching in pursuit of justice and peace, by demonstrating the virtue of solidarity with all of our brothers and sisters.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of this mission and that by understanding ourselves and others, we can move with greater purpose towards this mission. Central Catholic recognizes that we live in an increasingly global community where race, gender, identity, class, and ability all intersect and we must be intentional in recognizing, understanding, and celebrating the differences that make us unique, while fostering the values that we share.

At Central Catholic, we work to foster an inclusive environment throughout the school by providing opportunities to engage with classmates from diverse backgrounds to understand and appreciate varying perspectives and opinions. In addition, faculty and staff participate in on-going professional development to ensure cultural competency. Through education and awareness, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides students the opportunity to honor and understand the diverse world in which we live, in cultivating empathetic effective leaders, and agents of change.

Affinity Club Opportunities:

African American Students United (AASU) is a group designed to enhance the experience of African American Students at Central Catholic High School. Our mission is to empower African American Students to be unified, and develop a healthy support network to assist the students in adjusting and being accepted in the larger Central Catholic community.

AASU provides:

  • Mentorship - Older Students (Juniors and Seniors) serve as ‘mentors’ to Freshmen and Transfer Students. Big brothers and sisters support incoming students by making themselves available to answer questions for students as needed. 
  • Advocacy - Student concerns are communicated directly to the Dean of Students and the Principal of the school. By having this direct communication, the administration can directly assist the students by addressing concerns in a timely manner. 
  • Peer support - Students are able to provide peer support to one another when addressing common, multiple issues that take place in the Central Catholic Community. 
  • Skill building - Students are taught how to resolve conflicts in a pro-social manner. Other skills such as anger management and assertiveness are discussed and role-played to assist students in developing the appropriate skills to handle tough situations.  
  • A safe place to express concerns - AASU provides a confidential environment where students can safely express concerns. 
  • Knowledge of Self - AASU is determined to empower the student to learn more about their history and culture. 
  • Peer-to-Peer Discussions - AASU has been actively involved in enhancing the community by participating in student forums. AASU has also visited Wellness classes to evoke healthy discussion in a safe environment and promote acceptance and understanding among the student body. 
  • Education - AASU stresses the importance of success in the classroom.  
  • Leadership- AASU will develop and promote leaders within the community.

The Asian/Pacific Islander Club is a community of staff and students who identify with Asian and Pacific Islander heritage and culture. We celebrate and share our traditions with each other and the entire Central Catholic community and we examine and discuss social and political issues that affect us. All are welcome!

Mission: To provide the students of our community a place of support, acceptance, and celebration for who they are as unique and beautiful children of God.

Meeting Motto:

  • This is a safe zone.
  • You can be who you are here.
  • You will be respected for your religious beliefs, gender identity, race, national heritage, sexual orientation, and abilities.
  • Harassing or disparaging comments will not be tolerated.
  • All comments, opinions, or anything shared shall remain confidential among all those present.

Latinx Student Union is an association of Latinx students--by ethnicity or experience-- and allies. We gather to support each other in our education at Central Catholic, to educate each other about important issues facing our Latinx community, to attract more LatinX students, and to help each other overcome challenges and barriers placed before us.

We are an allied group of independent women from all walks of life. We have unique stories and cultivate a positive narrative of feminism. We discuss and address the world issues of misogyny and patriarchy. We confront it and we challenge it until one day women are equal. We support, we educate, we empower. We are Women’s Coalition.

David Blue, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Phone: 503.235.3138 ext. 1113