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John Guthrie

John Guthrie

Head Men's Golf Coach

John Guthrie takes on the role as Head Golf Coach at Central Catholic High School, bringing his passion for teaching, mindfulness, and love for the game. He understands the significance of coaching as a teacher, and takes a holistic approach to developing his athletes both on and off the golf course. Coach Guthrie’s approach to coaching is deeply rooted in his educational background. He believes in nurturing the development of his students, both academically and personally, fostering the holistic development of his students. 

As a coach, John firmly believes in the power of mindfulness and helping athletes develop mental clarity, resilience, and an enhanced ability to manage pressure. Golf requires a focused and present mindset, and Coach Guthrie will guide his players through mindfulness exercises to harness their inner strength and perform at their best.

Furthermore, Coach Guthrie is an avid golfer himself. He actively participates in the sport, continually seeking opportunities to improve his skills and deepen his understanding of the game. His personal experience on the golf course allows him to relate to the challenges and aspirations of his players.