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Summer Reading 

Summer Reading 2020  |  Guiding Questions

Central Catholic High School summer reading brings light to our character and virtue words for the upcoming school year. Our All-School Summer Reading List for 2020 consists of six books chosen by administrators and faculty that speak to the character and values of Central Catholic High School.

The four Character Virtues for 2020 are as follows:

Resilience: We respond to setbacks with renewed determination.
Kindness: We are generous and considerate of others.
Integrity: We do the right thing even when no one is watching.
Conscientiousness: We value hard work and are deliberate in what we do.

We hope that giving readers a degree of choice in what they read will make the summer reading process more enjoyable. We hope that the thematic connections between the books will foster discussion between all members of our community. The first week of school will center on the character virtues focused through summer reading and will be topics for discussion across the curriculum.

Click here to visit our Summer Reading Website where you will find the booklist, summary information for each book, and thematic discussion questions for reflection while reading.

Math Review

Students who are entering the following classes need to complete a summer review on Khan Academy. If the math class for which you are registered is not listed, you do not have a required math review to complete. Please follow the link to your class and complete the required sections in Khan Academy before the first day of class.

Algebra II
Intermediate Algebra I
Intermediate Algebra II
Honors Algebra I/II
Honors Geo/Trig
Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Calculus I
AP Calculus II

Science Packets

AP Biology
Students signed up for AP Biology for the 2020-2021 school year will need to complete the following summer review packet. Please print and complete the packets by the first day of school. Please read the first page for details, expectations, and instructions about this assignment.

AP Biology: Summer Review Packet

AP Chemistry
Students signed up for AP Chemistry for the 2020-2021 school year will need to complete the following review packets: Atoms, Chemical Foundations, Stoichiometry, and Types of Chemical Reaction. Please print and complete the packets by the first day of school.

Chemical Foundations
Types of Chemical Reactions