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Summer Reading | Summer Packets

Summer Reading 2023

This year's 9th-grade common reading choice is Almost American Girl, by Robin Ha. All incoming freshmen should be prepared to discuss and write about this book during the first week of school. Freshmen should also read one additional book of their choice and be prepared to discuss their free choice book on the Advisory Day.

Any rising 10th-12th grader is welcome to choose the 9th-grade common read. However, we are inviting the entire school community to select and read a book of choice, provided it is a good-faith effort to find something that the reader will actually enjoy, that fits who they are as a person, that they feel comfortable sharing, and that they haven't read before. This is a new experiment and one that is based on the kind of character virtues that we hope to find or instill in our students: responsibility, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, and more.

Finally, Honors and AP students have additional reading requirements found here.

Summer Packets

Social Studies Review

Summer assignments for the We the People: Constitution Team class:

  1. REQUIRED summer reading: Pages 10-61 (re: the Preamble and Article I of the U.S. Constitution) in The Words We Live By by Linda Monk.

  2. Pay attention to the news: Attached is a link to some high-quality news sources for ConTeam (2023-24)Students are responsible for signing up for at least TWO of these email newsletters and reading them regularly

Summer Assignments for AP U.S. History

Check your school email account after June 18th for the direct link to this year’s textbook. 
Please check for the confirmation email and access to the link and the textbook within 48 hours, if possible. If you have a problem with the link, please email Mrs. Gran or Mrs. Abbott, and we will troubleshoot any issues. All reading will be from the online book link access sent out. There is not a printed textbook this year.

AP U.S. History Summer Assignment Instructions HERE
AP U.S. History Summer Assignment Outline HERE

Math Review

Students who are entering the following classes need to complete a summer review on Khan Academy. Please follow the link to your class and complete the required sections in Khan Academy before the first day of class.

Honors Geo/Trig
Honors Pre-Calc

Algebra II