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Dear APUSH Student,

First, congratulations on completing the last school year. You finished!!! 

I know many of you are not ready to think about school this fall. However, I wanted to send you important links for accessing next year's APUSH textbook. The summer reading assignment asks everyone to access the book this Friday, but the publisher just released a new access date for July 1st. 

I will be traveling before and on July 1st. Therefore, I am sending three links for enrolling into the class: directions for enrolling in the course, the link for book enrollment, and the third link is a shortcut link to the course textbook. If the third link does not work, I would recommend logging into Openstax, signing in, and then creating your own shortcut link for the textbook.  

If you have any questions or issues, please let me know. I will check my email once a day, and I will have my cell phone with me. 503- 839-0050

To do list:

1. Take a few weeks off and relax.
2.. Read the summer reading assignment and start thinking about which question you are going to answer.
3. July 1st - copy and paste the following link(s) into your browser, read the directions for registering, and then register for the APUSH course textbook. (You should be able to register for the textbook before July 1st - but won’t be able to begin reading until July 1st.) 
4. Pay the $10.00 charge for 1st-semester use of the textbook.
5. Over a few weeks - read the first 2 chapters and then begin the summer assignment.

How to register HELP link: Please read before you cut and paste the enrollment link into a new browser window:

Enrollment Link: ONE TIME USE ONLY. Do not use this link for daily reading access

Regular access for textbook link: you might have to set this up on your own.