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Academic Counseling

In the academic realm, counselors help to ensure that students get what they need for their academic growth and development. We work with students to set and reach their goals for high school and beyond. We work with students on:
  • study skills
  • time management
  • utilizing school resources, e.g. writing lab, grade in progress reports, tutorials
  • developing relationships with their teachers to facilitate learning
  • bringing teachers, parents, and students together when needed to discuss learning strategies
  • helping to identify students with special learning needs and facilitating assessments and accommodations
  • keeping an updated list of resources for testing, tutoring and educational services
  • working with the academic assistance and probation students to meet the requirements of their contracts.

The counselors are available to meet during a variety of times. Counselor request forms are accessible to students outside each counselor's office. Similarly, referrals can be initiated by teachers, parents, and students by contacting the counselor.

While many student issues are confidential, confidentiality is limited to within the department and not solely with one member.

CLICK HERE for a Grade in Progress Form.

Please note - students are assigned counselors by the first letter of their last name: 


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