U.S. Government Classes: 2018 Voter Forum Report

U.S. Government Classes: 2018 Voter Forum Report
Dear families, alumni, faculty, staff, and other members of the Central Catholic community:

The seniors of the Central Catholic High School U.S. Government classes are excited to share the results of our Voter Forums with you. After researching and discussing five measures on the Oregon ballot this year, students assessed which arguments were most persuasive. We are pleased to share our results with you today.

During the Voter Forums, students engaged in the hard work of democracy by researching and presenting the arguments put forth on both sides of five ballot measures. As part of the process, we practiced actively listening to both sides of an argument and engaging in respectful, civil discourse. We discussed what it means to be a voter and to make decisions with imperfect information. We weighed contradictory arguments and sources of information. We identified the questions we still had after reviewing the Oregon Voters Pamphlet, newspaper articles and editorials, campaign websites and other materials. And we engaged other classes, parents, teachers, and visitors in our conversations to broaden our viewpoints.

The end result is a Voter Forum Report that lists the arguments the seniors found to be most persuasive on both sides of the ballot measures we examined. We hope it will be a helpful source of information as you review your ballot this year.

Please note that we do not endorse any measures or candidates. We are not fact checkers and did not attempt to verify the accuracy of any statements made in the Oregon Voters Pamphlet or other sources. We are providing links to our sources so you can assess the quality of information presented and continue the Voter Forum discussions in your own homes. In addition to measure-specific sources, links to most of the general information resources students used are available through the Central Catholic library website.

CLICK HERE to read the Voter Forum Report.

Thank you for your continued support as we help our students become active citizens.