Two Ram Athletes Awarded Positive Coaching Alliance Scholarship

Two Ram Athletes Awarded Positive Coaching Alliance Scholarship
Two Central Catholic senior athletes, Julia Carr and Joseph Nizich, were recently awarded a scholarship from the Positive Coaching Alliance—Portland.

The Positive Coaching Alliance awards six Oregon high school seniors a $1,000 college scholarship. Students who receive this award are recognized as a Triple-Impact Competitor, which is someone who makes positive contributions on three levels: Makes oneself better (Personal Mastery);  Makes teammates better (Leadership); and Makes the sport better (Honoring the Game).

Julia and Joseph are both leaders and positive role models in the sports they play. Julia has been playing volleyball since she was a freshman at Central Catholic, and this last year she was captain of the varsity team. She demonstrates her leadership by being encouraging, trusting, and competitive no matter the situation on the court. Joseph has played football and thrown javelin for Central Catholic since his freshman year. He practices his throwing technique every day and looks forward to helping young throwers. He was also part of the Ram football team that won the state championship this past fall, and is always happy for his teammates successes.

They were able to share with the Positive Coaching Alliance their thoughts and motivations on keeping a positive attitude with their teammates, the sport, and themselves. 

Julia shared: "A positive attitude also applies to being a good teammate because words of encouragement, smiling, and fun handshakes allow people to open up more and feel comfortable with the team."    

Joseph shared: "I make every throw count and every competition mean something by respecting my opponents and the officials. I congratulate my opponents and then thank the officials for taking their time to work the meets."

Both Julia and Joseph will be bringing their positive contributions to the collegiate level next year: Julia will be playing volleyball at Carroll College and Joseph will be throwing javelin for the University of Texas.

They will be recognized for this award on February 29, 2020 at the Positive Coaching Alliance—Portland's 4th Annual Jeans & Jersey Youth Sports Awards & Benefit.

To learn more about Julia and Joseph's accomplishments, visit Positive Coaching Alliance's Facebook page.


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