Steve Halligan Announces Retirement

Steve Halligan Announces Retirement
After 43 years of teaching and coaching at Central Catholic, beloved social studies teacher Steve Halligan has announced that he will retire at the end of the school year.

Steve arrived at Central Catholic in 1976 when the school was still all-boys. In his first couple years of teaching, he taught basic math, algebra, history, and PE. As if that wasn’t enough of a full plate, he also coached football, basketball, and baseball. He soon transitioned to working exclusively in the social studies department and has since taught core classes like U.S. History and electives including Economics, Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology.

In 2018, for the CC Magazine we asked Steve: of the many accomplishments you have had at Central Catholic, what one are you most proud of? He told us, “I am most proud of the multitude of students, faculty, alumni, and friends that still call me ‘coach.’  To me it is a term that symbolizes the impact I've had on their lives, directly and indirectly.”

Steve was the head baseball coach from 1979 to 1984, and the head basketball coach from 1985 to 2006. As the head basketball coach, he led the Rams to their first and only state championship and claimed five Mt. Hood Conference championships during his tenure.

After retiring from coaching, Steve helped Central Catholic expand their Advanced Placement (AP) program by adding AP U.S. History and later, AP Government and Politics.

Monsignor Tim Murphy ’58 looks to the implementation of AP U.S. History into the Central Catholic curriculum as a good gauge of Steve’s impact on the community. “…think of the challenges and opportunities he has provided our students in the classroom setting; more specifically, Room 113. Rather than trying to use as a barometer the wins and losses over the years of his basketball and baseball coaching, better to take the academic side first and then to think of the sports teams' records as a bonus.”

Thank you Steve for your unwavering commitment to Central Catholic over these last four decades. The impact you have had on this community will carry on for many years to come.

Join us for a special event this spring:
Halligan’s Last Lecture on Thursday, May 23. Please let us know you will be attending, CLICK HERE to RSVP. 

A scholarship has been set up in honor of Steve Halligan. CLICK HERE to donate.