Spirit of the Ramily

Spirit of the Ramily

At Central Catholic, we have a group of students called Rambassadors. These students are the face of the school during Open House, Grade School Visits, and with our 8th grade visitors. Students apply for this role and this year on their application we asked them to tell us about a person who exemplifies the spirit of the Ramily. The answers we got were so thoughtful, spot-on, fun, and captured our community so well that we wanted to share some of them with you.

Dominic Phan ’20: on Mr. Krieter – “His spirit and positive energy carries around the school. He does so many things for the community: running Latino Student Union, playing music for the school Mass, and he is always here for anyone who needs to talk. He is one of the kindest souls at Central and shows what the school stands for.”

Lindsey Nguyen ’20: “Claire Bass ’20 is one of the kindest and brightest people I know. She exudes love and has a way of making you feel like you matter, and to me, that’s what the spirit of Ramily is. It welcomes you with open arms and encourages you to be yourself.”

Lexi Lee ’22: “Joey Angelo’s kind heart and willingness to put others before himself allows him to embody the spirit of the Ramily. Throughout the school year, I have not encountered a student that exhibits more selflessness, generosity, and respect than Joey.”

Olivia Johnson ’21: “The spirit of the Ramily includes someone who lives their life with humble confidence, demonstrates an exceptional work ethic, and provides joy and comfort to others. I am fortunate in my life to be close to someone who embodies this message. She makes my life better and teaches me how to be a strong, kind, and intelligent woman. This person is Ally Sacamano.”

Josh Cisneros ’22: “Ms. Moore illustrates the Ramily spirit through her true care for the community. Inside the classroom, Ms. Moore is a great teacher who is patient and kind with her students. She has encouraged and taught me to help other students.”

Ian Hermanson ’20: “Mateo Lennertz is my definition of a true member of the Ramily. A Ram is welcoming to anyone and encourages the expression of a friend’s true self. A Ram is very well rounded and jumps into new activities eagerly. A Ram is dedicated to their talents and activities and contributes to their community. Mateo is a true Central Catholic Ram.”