September 2019 Parent Newsletter

September 2019 Parent Newsletter
Dear Parents,

This is a monumental year at Central Catholic as we mark 80 years as a Catholic educational institution and 40 years as a coeducational high school in the Archdiocese of Portland. This is a monumental year in my own life—marked by 22 years working as a Catholic educator in the Archdiocese, 15 years serving the mission at Central Catholic High School, and my first year as principal.

As principal, I am excited to carry on the long tradition of Catholic education for all students. The robust educational opportunities that Central Catholic provides in an inclusive and supportive community are incredible and truly allow students to become the best version of themselves.

This year we are launching our vision of Central Catholic as the place Where Character Matters. We are focusing on the four virtues of faith, honesty, courage, and responsibility. Each of these virtues is integrated into the life of the school and helps us to articulate our desire for our students to be people who are faithful and just, academically excellent, relational and responsible, and healthy and balanced.

Our intent is for these four character virtues to take root in the hearts of our students. We are asking our students to have faith. Faith calls us to listen to our hearts and embrace hope and optimism. We are asking our students to be honest. Honesty calls us to abide by truth. We are asking our students to have courage. Courage calls us to act for the greater good despite our fears. We are asking our students to be responsible. Responsibility calls us to follow through on our commitments. I encourage you to talk with your student throughout the year about how these virtues are growing in the life of the school. I am excited to partner with each of you as we work together in supporting our students in developing critical thinking skills so they can make decisions rooted in equity and love.

Make sure to take some time to read the student handbook as we have made some changes to dress code along with a few other minor policy updates.

Ram Dress is new to our dress code policy. Ram Dress is defined as the Central Catholic polo (provided by the school) to be worn with pants that have pockets and zippers. No blue denim. Students will wear Ram Dress on community celebration days. These days include liturgies, student recognition assemblies, senior awards, all school conference day, and when we have guest speakers. Our goal is to celebrate community and encourage equity for our students regardless of shape, size, and socio-economics.
I am looking forward to all that this year has to offer our community. Education is a community effort. It takes all of us working together to develop our young people on their journey to discover where their gifts meet the world.


Danyelle Ramsey, Principal

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