Senior Awards Photos

Senior Awards Photos

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For the past four years, our seniors have committed their time, energy, and talents to becoming a graduate of Central Catholic.

At Central Catholic, we pride ourselves on academic rigor and performance. The students that were honored at our Senior Awards Ceremony have exhibited dedication and success in the classroom and in our community. Our department chairs acknowledged our graduates for excellence in these areas:

Theology: Sydney Caleen, Marty Hill, and Tully Bush

English: Donald Hunter, Eden White, Tully Bush, Ross Ferguson, Hailey O'Donnell

Social Studies: Annie Brennan, Sam Matterazzo, Julia Nicholls, and Ross Ferguson

Mathematics: Anthony Martin, Meley Habtegiorgis

Science: Meley Habtegiorgis, Sarah Homberg, Daniel Warila, Genesis Qu

World Language: 
FRENCH: Michelle Ivezic
JAPANESE: Libby Cass
Adv. JAPANESE: Midori Tanada 
SPANISH: Kimmy Granados-Gonzales
AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: Llaelyn Sierra Cortez    

Fine Arts: 
CERAMICS : Griffin Palmer
STAINED GLASS : Clarice Wong, Cameron Thompson, Caitlyn Wiley
CHORAL: Haley Neal
DRAMA: Hailey O’Donnell, Joe Lynch
TECHNICAL THEATER: Meley Habtegiorgis, Annalise Sacamano
DIRECTOR’S AWARD: Colleen McMonagle
ST. GENISIUS AWARD: Nic Prentiss, Sydney Caleen
CONCERT BAND: Sydney Caleen
JAZZ BAND: Phuocan Nguyen
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nic Prentiss, Jake Nelson
ART: Cathy Nguyen

Technology: Isaac Martin, Olivia Anderson

Wellnes/PE: Jada Pierce, Rickey White

Student Support: Gabrielle Mueller, Madison McDonald

National Merit Scholars: 
The following students are recognized for exceptional academic promise demonstrated by outstanding performance on the qualifying PSAT Test. Commended students placed among the top 5% of more that 1.5 million students who entered the competition by taking the 2016 PSAT/NMSQT. Our National Merit Commended Scholars are Ian Kelleher, Christian Lawrence, and Quinn Sweeney.

Less than one percent of the nation’s high school seniors qualify as Finalists named in the National Merit Scholarship Program.  We are proud to announce that one of our students has advanced to Finalist standing by demonstrating through distinguished performance, high potential for future academic accomplishment. Our National Merit Finalist winner is Gautam Singh.

Each year the National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) recognizes about 5,000 academically outstanding high school students from the more than 250,000 Hispanic and Latino juniors who take the PSAT/NMSQT. To be considered to receive recognition from the NHRP, students must: take the PSAT/NMSQT in their junior year; be of at least one-quarter Hispanic or Latino descent; achieve the minimum required PSAT/NMSQT cutoff score for their region; and have a junior, mid-year cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Our National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar is Jenny  Wuest.
Several seniors have distinguished themselves as they have exercised leadership in prominent roles in our student body throughout this past year.  They have given of their time, heart, and soul to our community. 
THE RAMPART: Tully Bush, Julia Nicolls, and Jose Ortiz-Angeles

Diversity Award: Maija Linh Pham

Young Philanthropist Awards: Austin Hill, Frannie Shuver

Each year, Central Catholic honors two seniors who have exceeded the Christian Service requirement, not only in the number of service hours shared, but more significantly, in their overall attitude and consummate commitment to the human beings that survive in the margins of our society.  During their four years, these students have embodied the charism of Jesus Christ, our ultimate example of sacrifice for the common good.  

This award is made in the name of Central Catholic’s founder, Archbishop Edward D. Howard, who believed that dedicated students ought to live their lives for others.
This year’s nominees for the award:
Sydney Caleen
Meley Habtegiorgis
Morgan Maxwell
Gabrielle Mueller
Morgen Olsen
Nick Peterson
Matthew Robinson
Frannie Schuver
Llaelyn Sierra-Cortez
Maya Webb

Each year among the graduating seniors, Central Catholic High School salutes outstanding leadership by bestowing the Holy Spirit Award.  This year the award is granted to a senior who has utilized personal talents in leading other students by simple example.  In conferring the Holy Spirit Award, Central Catholic High School affirms these qualities of leadership in the hope that the recipients will inspire others to these ideals.  We would like to extend special recognition to the nominees for this award. This year’s nominees for the award:
Gabrielle Horne
Donald Hunter
Samantha Longo
Maija Lihn Pham
Rickey White

Our Mission statement says “Central Catholic High School is a college preparatory school committed to educating students from diverse backgrounds in a Catholic community, challenging each individual to live as a Christian witness in service to others.” The Insignis Award is given in recognition of devotion to the mission and philosophy of Central Catholic.  The recipient of this award is an outstanding example of a student who, through their four years on our campus, has exemplified what it means to live out the entire mission of Central Catholic High School. In fact, these students who have been nominated for the Insignis Award have strengthened the Central Catholic student body and community through their presence, setting a positive example through their dedication to our Mission.

This year’s nominees for the award:
Gabrielle Horne
Donald Hunter
Samantha Longo
Colleen McMonagle
Gabrielle Mueller
Jada Pierce
Llaelyn Sierra-Cortez
Alex Woolverton

Central Catholic High School annually confers an honor on a graduating senior who has excelled in both the knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith.  The award is granted to the senior who has demonstrated at school and in their parish, a diligent application of Christian faith. The student is dedicated, enthusiastic and willing to help others. Academically the student has achieved a reputable GPA, especially in the area of religious studies. This award is made in the name of Christ the King, the patron of Central Catholic High School. We would like to extend special recognition to the nominees for this award. This year’s nominees for the award:
Sydney Caleen
Michelle Ivezic
Colleen McMonagle
Llaelyn Sierra-Cortez
Alex Woolverton