Senior All Night Party

Senior All Night Party

The senior all night party is hosted by parents of graduating seniors and the parent association of Central Catholic.

The location and event of the senior all night party are traditionally meant to be a secret for the graduate.

SANP will be held immediately following the graduation ceremony. Chartered buses will be waiting to take the graduates to the event from the graduation site. Due to the nature of the party, all night, graduates will not be allowed to drive themselves home from the event. A licensed driver must pick the graduate up the following morning at 3:30 AM when the party ends.

The registration fee is $125 per student. We want all graduates to attend and scholarships are available. If you need a scholarship, please contact Lupe Tellez in the business office at 503.235.3138 extension 1257 before you complete this form. If you have any questions please contact


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