Rams Program launches Ram Roast Coffee

Rams Program launches Ram Roast Coffee
The RAMS Program at Central Catholic High School is excited to announce that they have launched their own coffee company, Ram Roast Coffee. This school-based café and cart is staffed and managed by our RAMS Program students and their peer mentors. 

If you are unfamiliar with our RAMS Program, it is designed to provide an inclusive Catholic education to high school age students with developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

The goal of Ram Roast Coffee is to give hands-on, real world experience to our RAMS Program students by practicing their professional skills, communication, and customer service. Research shows that around 75% of people living with disabilities are unemployed and three times more likely to live in poverty.

“It is critical to help students with disabilities plan and prepare for employment and independence after high school,” says RAMS Program Coordinator Mary Wilson ‘10. “An opportunity to learn and practice a variety of vocational skills through Ram Roast Coffee helps us to set our students up for success.”

Ram Roast Coffee had their “soft open” during first semester finals week and is currently available to faculty and staff. RAMS students and their peer mentors took drink orders and delivered the coffee and tea to classrooms and offices around the building.

Mary says she has been blown away by the support from the community. Students have helped create an ordering app and connected the program with a potential coffee bean donor. “With the help of our Ramily, we will be preparing our students for their post-secondary transition and also building a more inclusive Catholic community on our campus.”