Rams like you: Ella Ferrero '22

Rams like you: Ella Ferrero '22

Meet two of our RAMS: Freshman, Ella Ferrero and her mom, Jen Ferrero.

Tell us about yourself.

Ella: I’m 14 years old. I came from St. Ignatius. I’m very compassionate and creative. I like to be different. I like to promote equality. I like to write and paint and play guitar. I like volunteering at Providence, Blanchet House, and the Food Bank.

Why did you choose Central Catholic?

Ella: It’s very familiar to my family. (Her brother Max graduated in 2017.) The community is very close-knit and a lot of high schools say theirs is close-knit but Central’s really is. It’s really one big family and I really like that.
I took the placement test [at Central Catholic]. I went to Open House. It was a lot of fun! I shadowed here and at another school and I just didn’t feel the same way there that I did when I shadowed at Central. So I knew this was the place to be.

Jen: The school was totally her decision. We left it up to her. We knew the schools that we were looking at were great schools and she would do amazing at either one. But it was really important for her that she felt not only challenged in each aspect of what she was interested in but she wanted to be inspired. She wanted to find a school that inspired her.
(Ella) has a broad range of interests. She is an amazing artist, she’s also writing a book, and she’s interested in forensic science. So for us it was really important that we connected with an environment that offered (those programs). I think she was just so impressed that every program that she came to visit during the Central Catholic Open House, the teachers were super passionate about what they do. You could feel it. It wasn’t just a script that was read, you could actually feel it.

What has been something that surprised you?

Ella: I’d have to say the biggest thing was the art room. I didn’t know it existed. Everyone thinks Central’s just a sports school, but it’s not. We just have big rivals so it makes us look like people who only care about sports. But we aren’t that way. At least for me, no.

Jen: Ella is really good (at art). I know most parents say that. But she is very talented. I think that’s what solidified it for her, she met the Art teacher, Kari Rittenour. Kari just pulled her in and said, ‘Let me show you what we can do for you here’. And that was it. (Ella) was like, ‘I got to go to Central’.

What has been the biggest transition from grade school to high school?

Ella: The people. I went to St. Ignatius for nine years and I was with the same class of thirty kids. There were 200 kids in my whole school and now there are 200 kids in my class. There’s just so many people and that’s great because I love meeting new people but at the same time it’s really overwhelming. Relationships form quickly, I’ve made friends with people that I didn’t even know the first day of school. I’m glad that I have the environment to do that.

Jen: I feel very lucky. St. Ignatius was pretty rigorous. They gave her a lot of academic and social support. So I feel like academically the transition has been great. Socially it’s been a little bit more challenging because she had just a handful of kids (who came with her from St. Ignatius). One of the things that I love about Central so much is the sense of community.
She is still just adjusting and getting use to things. But really, she just comes home with a happy exhaustion. She feels good, and confident, and comfortable. I know she is really happy. She loves it. I can see it in her face.

What is something you are looking forward to?

Ella: I’m looking forward to the Club Fair and just graduating.

Jen: Slow down girl.