Rams Like You: Barry and Marcus Dillard '22

Rams Like You: Barry and Marcus Dillard '22
Tell us about yourself.
Marcus: I’m Marcus Dillard and I’m a freshman. Right now, I’m going to start Track and Field training. In Track, I do the 100 meters, 200 meters, and long jump. I am in African American Students United and I played football at the beginning of the year.

What is something that surprised you about Central Catholic?
Marcus: It was a lot more welcoming than I expected. The school that I was going to feed into was a big school so it was nice to be welcomed into the smaller community here. A lot of my friends were like, ‘Why are you leaving?’ But, honestly, I think coming to Central Catholic was the best decision for me. I knew a couple of people when I started at Central from doing CYO Track and Field. But other than that, no one else from my school came.

I’ve tried to branch out as much as I could. I’ve been trying to participate in class so that other people recognize me. I was on Homecoming court so that was exciting. That was a big one for me.

What has been a highlight of your year thus far?
Marcus: Just the new opportunities that I've been given. Like at my middle school, we didn’t have dances. This year, I’ve gone to the Welcome Back Dance and Homecoming. That was pretty cool and a fun experience.

Meeting new people has been the biggest highlight for me. And I really like my new teachers too. The classes that I’m in are a good fit for me. I like [my] Theology class a lot because it’s not just one certain view on things. You are learning about the bible but there are different theories behind it and you get to go deeper.

What is something you are looking forward to?
Marcus: I’m most looking forward to the track season coming up. I hope I do well. And then just finishing the second semester strong.

Tell us about the decision making process. How did you, as a family, come to the decision?  
Barry: We wanted Marcus to be in a smaller setting, smaller school. Like he said, he was supposed to go to a big public school. I’d rather him be here in a smaller setting where teachers can get to know students better and build those relationships. Another important thing for us was the diversity here.

How has the transition from middle school to Central Catholic been?
Barry: The biggest transition for him early on was he had to learn how to advocate and communicate for himself. I think the teachers and his counselor did a great job supporting him in that area and encouraging him to speak up and ask questions. You really want to build those relationships and get help whenever it’s needed. So I think he’s done really well with that.

What is your advice for another family thinking about Central Catholic?  
Barry: I would say go to Open House, ask questions, and find out what Central Catholic is about. Have your child come in and be a Ram for the day [Spend-a-Day]. Check out the atmosphere, the academics, the spirit of the school, and see how Central is totally a place where they embrace students. So they can feel that and see that for themselves. Sit down at home and figure out with your student what they want to get out of high school. What kind of experience do they want?

To learn more about becoming a Central Catholic Ram, contact Paul O’Malley, Director of Admissions: 503.230.1056 ext. 1112 or pomalley@centralcatholichigh.org.