Rams help resettle refugee family in Portland

Rams help resettle refugee family in Portland
A group of ten students and five adults stream in and out of an apartment in SE Portland. The group is unloading a truck full of donated household items and moving them into an apartment for a family of six who is arriving that night from Eritrea, a country in East Africa.

Central Catholic’s Rams for Life club spearheaded this labor of love to resettle a refugee family in Portland. The Clubs mission is to celebrate and support human life, especially the most vulnerable in our society. The group hopes to inspire in the Central Catholic community an even deeper sense of being made in God's image.

At the beginning of the school year, the group focused many of their conversations on the refugee crisis around the world. Religion teacher Sister Grace Marie Horan says the club saw a refugee simulation done at St. Ignatius Parish and was inspired to act. Students worked with the Central Catholic administration to set up a refugee simulation on campus in the Weston Commons.

“The topic is close to home because some of our students experience the reality of being refugees or immigrants in their own background,” said Sister Grace Marie.

After this experience, the club decided to move forward with sponsoring a refugee family through a partnership with Catholic Charities. Rams for Life was tasked with providing all the necessities for furnishing a home and got the Central Catholic community involved.

“I feel that it is important to serve in any way you can, to care for others that would appreciate the help,” said senior Gavin Griswold. “I feel that there is a close spiritual connection I feel every time I dedicate time to serving, and this project gave me an opportunity to fulfill that.”

The outpouring of help and support was tremendous. Rams for Life collected food, kitchen items, furniture, bedding, bathroom supplies, and games for the children. Students, staff, and members of Catholic Charities worked diligently to unload all the materials and assemble them into a move-in-ready home for the family.

"It was a humbling experience putting together a home for a refugee family,” said Danyelle Ramsey, Assistant Principal at Central Catholic. “It helped me to recognize the ways that I can use my privilege for good in the world. I appreciated seeing our Central Catholic community work together to create a home that was not only functional, but also warm, welcoming, and comfortable.”

Members of our Girls' Basketball team and Rams for Life club load up a moving truck to take to the apartment.