Oh, the places you'll go!

Oh, the places you'll go!
At Central Catholic, we want to help students  develop their interests and passions so that they can go off to great places. Our alums are high fliers. We want to introduce you to two who are soaring to high heights.

Name/grad year: Isabella Fazio, Class of 2017

What’s new with you: I am currently a sophomore at George Washington University (GW) in Washington, DC. I am majoring in History and minoring in Political Science. I serve as Communications Director on GW Class Council. I am a member of the GW Women’s Bipartisanship Supper Club, Panhellenic Community on campus, and GW Catholics. I am also interning for the U.S. House of Representatives on Capitol Hill.
Something you appreciate about Central Catholic now that you're in college: I appreciate the community. At Central, I loved walking down the halls and saying hello to familiar faces each day. I will always remember how the staff made each student feel valued and taught us to help others feel this value in themselves.

In what ways did Central prepare you for college?: Central prepared me for college in ways I never expected. There is no question Central has prepared me academically for college, but it’s easy to forget that collegiate life consists of more than just classes. Central taught me that I can do or be anything I want, as long as I do it with love. Treating others with respect and understanding empathy is just as important, as knowledge that comes from a textbook.

Favorite CC Memory: My favorite memory from CC would be the Father Daughter Dances. My friends and I always said it was the best dance of the year! It was so fun dancing with friends and their dads and spending time with the CC community outside of school.

Advice for someone thinking about applying to Central Catholic/ new to the CC community: When I first came to Central Catholic as a freshman, I was scared to go to high school. However, I quickly realized the Central Catholic community is extremely special and is by no means a typical high school experience-it’s better! If you want to do something, there is someone at Central who  can help you achieve your goal. If you want to join a sports team, audition for the play, or create a school-wide art project, Central has the resources for you to do this. You simply have to find them. If you are looking for a high school experience full of school spirit, diverse interests, and an overall tight-knit community, then Central Catholic is the right place for you.

Name/grad year: Eric Pence/Class of 2017

What’s new with you: I am in my second year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I’m considering majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Foreign Policy/Security Studies. During January term last year, I earned my EMS Basic License and now serve as a medic for MIT and the surrounding area. I play varsity lacrosse at the D3 level. I am also a research assistant, conducting work on biomedical sensors embedded in fabric.

Something you appreciate about Central now that you're in college:
Now that I’m in college, I realize while some students have impressive academic credentials on paper, they lack needed fundamental skills. Central emphasizes mastery.

In what ways did Central prepare you for college?: Central Catholic does a great job developing your work ethic by rewarding effort and dedication. The structured curriculum at Central ensures students have a really strong foundation in the basics. Central’s emphasis on effectively and efficiently communicating is a huge benefit in college. Especially when you are working on tight deadlines and you need to formulate ideas about complex subjects.

Favorite CC memory: I really liked attending school in the city and it was especially fun to celebrate our east side pride. I enjoyed Food Truck Fridays and hanging out in the courtyard on sunny school days. I also enjoyed playing soccer and lacrosse. It was amazing how supportive our fans were!

Advice for someone thinking about applying to Central Catholic/ new to the CC community: Be genuine and vocal about your interests because there are a lot of different communities on campus that will welcome you. From ceramics to rugby, you’ll find what interests you.