Join Us in Prayer for Advent

Join Us in Prayer for Advent
It’s December, and things are ending. There are countdowns to Christmas break on whiteboards around the school. Our world grows darker. Our daylight short. The calendar is on its last page.

In our Catholic tradition, December is a beginning. The beauty of the liturgical calendar is the end of the secular year coincides with the beginning of our spiritual one.  This ending is also a reminder of the hopeful message that God chose to enter into the messiness and imperfection of our humanity. This season of Advent is a hope, a pause, a chance to start anew.

Advent is the perfect time to practice waiting. Waiting is not a strong suit for many of us. And yet, God continues to invite us to stop and notice and experience. We are tempted to go directly to celebrating Christmas without getting in touch with the part of ourselves that is longing, hoping, and trusting. In the waiting, we grow and learn. We see God present in the people and the events of our lives, in our longings and hopes.

Each morning, at Central Catholic, we begin with prayer. While the prayer is read, everyone in the building pauses and waits. Whether students are seated in their classroom or walking in the front door a few minutes late, for a short moment everything becomes still. In those moments, our whole school is connected in waiting for what the day has in store for us.

This advent season, we invite you to pause with our school community and pray the same prayers our students will hear each morning. We hope you find moments of stillness so that when Christmas comes, we as a Central Catholic community are awake and attentive to the ways that the Holy Spirit is moving, living and breathing in our lives.

CLICK HERE to read our daily prayers and many blessings to you this advent season.