Ceramics II Set Projects

Ceramics II Set Projects
First Semester is over! Students took their last final today. We talked with Ceramics teacher Jared Jaffe about his Ceramics II student’s work on a class favorite: the “set” project.

Students were asked to research a list of ceramic items and determine what made up a "set": Is it size, shape, color, or function? Some things to think about were: How many items make up a set? Do they all have to look alike? Do they have to have a similar function? How much can they vary and still be considered a set?

“I asked students to answer these questions and present drawings and methods of creation for approval. Once the drawings were approved, students moved right into creation, combining their previous knowledge of ceramic construction techniques,” Jaffe said.

The chess set was made using an additive sculpting process. Once bisque fired, Andrew Myers ’18 and Tully Bush ’18 then hand painted each figure with ceramic pigments and finished them off with a dip in a clear glaze.


Ella Guettler ‘19 made her salt and pepper set using the "solid and hollow out" technique.


Connor Shobe ‘18 chose to throw his set on the potter's wheel.