Apply to be on the rose festival court

Apply to be on the rose festival court
This year marks the 37th anniversary year of Central Catholic's participation in the Portland Rose Festival Court. It is a truly unique opportunity that includes community engagement, networking, travel opportunities, and a $3,500 scholarship for college!

We are inviting you to apply and participate in our Member Selection Process that culminates with our Rose Festival Princess Announcement on Friday, March 13, 2020. 

Here is a brief overview of the application timeline:

December 11                       Deadline for all application paperwork to the Rose Festival

December 20                       Notification of Candidate Eligibility from the Rose Festival

January 2020                       Eligible Candidate Orientations

February 1, 2020                 Court Selection Interviews

February 21, 2020               Rose Festival Princess Speeches and Voting at CC

March 13, 2020                    Rose Festival Princess Coronation and Announcement

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Rose Festival Court.
CLICK HERE to apply.