Students come to Central Catholic from all parts of the greater metropolitan area with a variety of cultural experiences. It is our goal to build a community of understanding, respect, appreciation, and inclusion of students from all of these backgrounds. In pursuit of this goal, a diverse and inclusive student body becomes part of the educational experience, better preparing students to navigate in an increasingly global society.

Central Catholic actively seeks to foster an inclusive environment throughout the school, providing opportunities to engage with classmates from diverse backgrounds to understand and appreciate varying perspectives and opinions. In addition, faculty and staff participate in on-going professional development to ensure cultural competency. Through education and awareness, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides students the opportunity to honor and understand the diverse world in which we live, in cultivating empathetic effective leaders, and agents of change.

Club Opportunities

African American Students United (AASU)

Latino Student Union (LSU)

Girls Alliance

Equality Alliance 

Asian Pacific Islander 

Multi-Cultural Club