Integral Student Outcomes 

Central Catholic believes that the graduate should be competent in a variety of disciplines.  Central Catholic’s integral student outcoems are the educational outcomes that we hopes all of our students will achieve by the time they graduate. Our integral student outcomes set the direction for the school’s educational and co-curricular programs.  

Faithful and Just

All members of the Central Catholic community share the responsibility to foster the spiritual growth of our students so they may experience God personally and communally.  At graduation, the Central Catholic student:
  • Understands that each individual is loved by God and by others.
  • Understands Catholic Christianity through the study of and reflection on Catholic teachings, tradition and scripture.
  • Has developed a relationship with Christ through prayer, reflection, liturgy, retreats, and service.
  • Is able to discern and act with an informed Christian conscience.
  • Understands the principles of Catholic social teaching and lives them.
  • Understands Church and actively seeks to participate in the mission of Jesus and evangelization.

Academic Excellence

Beyond acquisition of content knowledge and skills particular to each academic department, students will develop intellectual skills that go beyond the academic requirements for graduation and college admission. At graduation, the Central Catholic student:
  • Has mastered the skills required by each discipline and successfully completed required academic courses.
  • Is able to employ logical, critical, and creative thinking.
  • Is able to communicate concepts in written, oral, and artistic forms.
  • Is aware of contemporary issues and able to critically analyze issues and concepts.
  • Respects and appreciates other peoples, languages, and cultures.
  • Appreciates aesthetic values of the fine arts as vehicles for self expression.
  • Utilizes technology and resources to access, interpret, evaluate, and present information.
  • Has explored scholastic options and future careers.

Relational and Responsible

Central Catholic High School has formed its graduate to respond to others in light of the social and moral teachings of the Catholic Church.  The graduate has developed an awareness and acceptance of self and openness to others.  At graduation, the Central Catholic student:
  • Respects all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, life experience, ability, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background.
  • Accepts responsibility for and appreciates personal relationships.
  • Expresses himself/herself freely and genuinely.
  • Listens and responds respectfully to others.
  • Is aware of and takes responsibility for sexuality as it relates to loving others.
  • Has experienced the benefits of the Central Catholic community and seeks to be a responsible and contributing member of society.
  • Is sensitive to the marginalized in society and demonstrates compassion for victims of injustice.
  • Exhibits leadership to make ethical decisions, use resources, and serve in light of social justice and Christian responsibility.

Healthy and Balanced

Central Catholic believes that physical health is fundamental to effective learning and living a healthy lifestyle. The graduate has acquired knowledge of health, safety, and fitness, and understands the importance of respecting and caring for his/her body.  At graduation, the Central Catholic student:
  • Has learned that his/her whole being deserves respect and reverence.
  • Has become aware that physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being is interdependent.
  • Has assumed responsibility for lifelong health of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Understands the benefits of participating in a variety of physical activities.