Rams Program Wraps Up First Year

Rams Program Wraps Up First Year

After years of hard work and preparation, Central Catholic High School just finished its first year with students in our Rams Program. The primary goal of the Rams Program is to provide an inclusive Catholic education to high school students with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

During the 2016-17 school year, there were thirty peer mentors who accompanied our four Rams Program participants to all of their classes. These peer mentors have been working with faculty for the past two years to prepare to guide the Rams Program students through their time at Central Catholic.  The impact this ground-breaking program has had on our community is made evident in this video.   

“My favorite part is the bond and friendship I’ve made with the kids in the Rams Program. They are just like a new light in my life,” said Anna Parker ’17.

“Being able to see him every morning with a smile on his face, no matter what, and always excited to see me. It can change a lot for you in the day,” Deandre Smith ‘17 said of his mentee Nate Trevino ’20. 

If you would like to support the Rams Program, please contact Mike Pinder ’77, Director of Development, at 503.230.1056 or mikepinder@centralcatholichigh.org.

Special thanks to the King Family Foundation for making this video possible and to Peter King ’11, John Rice ’10, Charlie Harrington ’10, Justin Looper ’10, and Potato Potato Video Production for telling our story.

Rams Program from Central Catholic on Vimeo.